Distracted Driving and Car Wrecks in Houston: Holding Drivers Accountable

Distracted drivers are a significant problem that causes severe road accidents in Houston, TX. You might be familiar with the road situation as a Houston local. Distracted driver cases have massively increased over the past years.

Many of these accidents cause fatalities, leaving the families of the victims in shock for the rest of their lives. While a car wreck lawyer in Houston can help you get justice against distracted drivers, we have covered a few steps you can take as an injured victim to hold the drivers accountable.

Holding Distracted Drivers Accountable in Houston

Distracted driving can be due to various factors. The clarity on each case may come from deeper investigation. Here are the steps you can take as a victim.

Call Emergency Services

The first thing you should do as a car accident victim in Houston is call emergency services. The medical assistance team may arrive at the scene to check your condition and offer the required medical care. This step is essential for two reasons. Firstly, you can get yourself thoroughly checked for severe injuries. Secondly, the medical assistance team will document your injuries for insurance and injury claim purposes.

Such details can help seek justice against a distracted driver. They are regarded as the most crucial evidence in claiming insurance from the responsible party.

Talk to the Police

Once you receive emergency care from medical assistance teams, you can talk to the police on the scene to share your side of the story. The police may ask you questions regarding how the accident occurred. They may also inquire about details of the distracted driver’s condition. Such information can help seek justice for an injured victim.

While reporting the incident to the police officers, provide accurate details. The police may fetch CCTV footage in the area to check the accuracy of the details. You can also call a car wreck lawyer in Houston to guide you through the process.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

After reporting the accident to the police, you may report the accident to your insurance company for filing claims. The insurance provider may send a designated staff member to collect the evidence (such as photographs or videos) from the scene.

You may ask your car wreck lawyer in Houston about how you should report the incident to the insurance provider. This way, you can file for the maximum coverage as an injured victim.

Want to Hold Distracted Drivers Accountable? We Can Help!

The above information highlights the steps you should take as an injured victim of a distracted driving accident. If you are unsure how to proceed with the case to get the justice you deserve, we can help you with expert legal representation. Plumbar Law can support you in preparing your case well and obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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